Press Release 16 July 2016

Cramlington Stingers played twice this week in the top flight, beating both Kimblesworth Rockets and St Chads 6-4. Andrew Wilkinson was the star of both shows as he picked up hat-tricks in both games against tough opposition. Godbold and Duffin both beat Penman and Webster to pick up 2 for the Rockets and Josh Weatherby won 2 comfortably for St Chads. At the other end of the table, Riding Mill beat NECA 7-3. NECA’s star player Chun Yin Yu was absent but Yao Li still picked up 3 for the away team.

Webster and Boyce both won hat-tricks against Backspin TTC A as Cramlington Casuals won 9-1 to maintain their position as firm favourites to win division 2. Jake Helm won his 3 and Player of the Match away to Ouston A and Alan Livingstone did the same for Mount TTC B as they beat Matfen A 7-3.

Backspin TTC B played twice in division 3 this week, both losses against Cramlington teams. At home they lost 8-2 to the Cobras with Lynsey Storey getting her hat-trick and away they lost 7-3 with Paul Fairlamb getting his. Byker TTC B saw a fairly comfortable win against Matfen B with Robertson and Patterson both taking 3 wins, Craddock losing against Robert Carr.

Carr also played for Matfen C in what must be a late attempt to keep the team in division 4 when they fielded a very strong team to beat divisional leaders Brandon Bees 10-0. It will be almost impossible for Brandon Crocodiles to stay in the division now after Whitley Chapel beat them 9-1 which means they’re 23 points away from 7th place Matfen C who also have 2 games in hand.

In division 5, NESLC lost 6-4 twice, once against Brandon Devils and once against Cramlington Falcons.

Andrew Wilkinson


Press Release 19 July 2016

The three top teams in contention for the summer league title all recorded big wins this week. Cramlington Stingers winning 10-0 against Riding mill, Kimblesworth Rockets winning 10-0 against The North East Chinese Association and St Chads winning 8-2 against Byker A. The Stingers have a big week ahead with a re arranged match vs. The rockets on Tuesday and a scheduled fixture against St Chads the day after which could be the defining week of their season.

Division 2 leaders Cramlington Casuals took on second placed Old England and the result was a draw with Adam Webster being man of the match winning all 3 of his sets and supported by Alex Hinchcliffe with 1 and also winning the doubles with Hinchcliffe. Old England winning 5 with 2 for Jake Helm and Barry Hill and 1 for Alan Atkinson. Other results from this division being a draw for Backspin a vs Ouston A and Sacriston Aces winning 6-4 against Matfen A.

In Division 3 Leaders Brandon Anacondas had a bye this week and that gave Byker B in second place the opportunity to make up some ground which they duly did in winning 6-4 vs Cramlngton Cobras. This puts them in second place by 2 points with a game in hand on Brandon which leaves the division finely poised with  matches left to play

Runaway leaders of division 5 Cramlington Jaguars won 8-2 away at Brandon Devils ith Joe Swinburn winning 3 supported by Steve Round with 3 and Ray Hately 1. Swinburn and Round winning the doubles too. Second placed NESLC, away at Brandon, managed to win 6-4 in a closely contested match which saw Pat Thomas taking 3 along with Terry Duff 2 and the doubles.

In Division 3 Leaders Brandon Anacondas had a bye this week and that gave Byker B in second place the opportunity to make up some ground which they duly did in winning 6-4 vs Cramlngton Cobras. This puts them in second place by 2 points with a game in hand on Brandon which leaves the division finely poised with  matches left to play

Adam Webster

Adam Webster (2)

Press Release 11 July 2016

The AGM of the Northumbria League took place last week and after 8 years as Chairman Aubrey stepped down to allow a younger person to steer the association on the next part of its journey. Gareth Pearson who plays for the same club as Aubrey was unanimously voted in as the new chairman. Aubrey Drapkin was then voted in as the new President to take the vacant slot that had been left after the passing of Ray Lydall last year.

In the League this week only 2 of the top four teams were in action and St Chads beat The Mount 6-4 and had both of the Wetherby’s in their side as usual for the home fixture. Both Keith and son Joshua were unbeaten and The mount players all won against Barry Cuthbertson plus the doubles for their four. A bottom of the table clash saw Riding Mill win 7-3 against Byker

The team looking likely to win division 2, Cramlington Casuals extended their lead by winning 7-3 in a rearranged match at home to Ouston A. Michael Boyce who is now working back in the area strengthening the Casuals and winning two along with Gareth Pearson and up and coming star Adam Webster getting 3. Dave Pringle from Ouston winning two and combining with Mark Rodgers to win the doubles. In their scheduled match the Casuals played Sacristion Aces who at the start of the season were tipped to win the division. Adam Webster this time supported by Alex Hinchcliffe and Paul Jamieson winning 8-2 against Duncan Fraser, Ian Mcallister and Jon Mawson leaving them second bottom of the division at the moment which is quite a surprise. Old England the second placed team won comfortably in their match against Matfen A 7-3 with Jake Helm winning all his sets, with Alan Atkinson getting 2 and new player Barry hill getting 1.

Leaders of Division 3 Brandon Anacondas getting 8 points against Matfen B in their home match this week with Jamie Lupton getting man of the match in winning all his games and Simon Knopf and tony Taylor getting 2 each as well as the doubles.

Aubrey Drapkin


Press Release 6 July 2016

The closest game in Division 1 this week saw St Chads travelling to Cramlington to face a Stingers lineup of Steven Penman, Dale Aitkenhead and Iain Wood. Penman took Player of the Match when he clinched a 5-ender against Baines to win his hat-trick, Aitkenhead won 2 and Wood took 1 to give the Stingers a 6-4 win. Kimblesworth Rockets and Mount TTC A both had big wins as the Rockets beat Byker 9-1, only losing the doubles, and Mount beat Riding Mill 10-0 which probably wasn’t a fair reflection on the closeness of the individual games.

Division 2 on the other hand offered 3 high quality, close matches. Matfen A drew 5-5 with Cramlington Casuals as Alex Holliday won 3 and Player of the Match. Webster and Pearson won 2 each for Cramlington, plus the doubles, but Philip Smith who was playing up from Division 4 wasn’t able to steal any wins. Backspin drew 5-5 with Old England, despite only being able to field 2 players. David Mcallister took Player of the Match by winning his 3, Helm and Atkinson taking 2 each for the visitors. David Pringle also won his 3 for Ouston A as they beat Sacriston Aces 6-4.

In Division 3, Brandon Anacondas beat Backspin B 9-1, Matfen B beat Cramlington Cobras 8-2 and Cramlington Trojans  beat Sacriston Comets 7-3.

Division 4 entertained 4 matches this week. Ouston B lost 8-2 to Brandon Bees as Childs and Tinkler both won hat-tricks. Philip Smith won 2 in his usual division which helped Cramlington Magpies draw 5-5 away from home against Matfen C, Rayfield taking Player of the Match with 3 wins for the home team. Cramlington Lions beat Brandon Crocodiles 9-1 and every player won 2 matches for Cramlington Corinthians as they won 7-3 against Whitley Chapel.

Press Release 29 June 2016

Kimblesworth Rockets have jumped to the top of the Northumbria Summer League’s standings this week after a 9-1 win against Mount TTC A. Veteran legend David Godbold and up-and-comer Max Duffin both won hat-tricks. Wraight managed to pull 1 back for Mount in a tight contest against Peter Smallcombe and was unlucky not to do better in the final end against Godbold. Unfortunately he was then out of his depth against Duffin as the defender found himself unable to compete with the youngster’s power and speed. Riding Mill travelled to St Chads only to find themselves at the wrong end of a 7-3 result. O’Connor did well to beat Baines and Cuthbertson but Keith Weatherby was too good and took Player of the Game.

Sacriston Aces could only field 2 players against Mount TTC B this week in Division 2 and new signing David Cutler took Player of the Game for the latter as they won 7-3. Matfen A’s Alex Holliday had an excellent match as he won a hat-trick against Backspin TTC A. Matfen won 6-4 overall with Backspin’s Mcallister and Dent winning 2 each.

Brandon Bees are still storming Division 4 and this week they swept all before them as they beat Cramlington Lions 10-0. Youngsters Hastings, Kanakala and Sowerby couldn’t compete with the Bees’ experience and prowess, Stephen Pattison taking Player of the Match for the Bees with fewest ends lost.

Experienced player Joseph Swinburn found himself helping out in Division 5 this week and proved that he’s probably a bit too good for it as he effortlessly strolled to his hat-trick despite a minor hiccup in his first end against Terry Duff. Duff and Thomas took 1 end each plus Duff and Linsley winning the doubles but the Cramlington Jaguars were too good overall, winning 7-3.

Peter Smallcombe with Aubrey Drapkin, League Chairman 


Press Release 22 June 2016

Top players Andrew Wilkinson and Chun Yin Yu both won 3 for respective teams Cramlington Stingers and North East Chinese Association in Division 1. The Stingers beat Byker A 9-1 with Mark Kimberley grabbing Byker’s only win against Gareth Pearson. NECA on the other hand lost 3-7 against Mount A with Christie, Eadington and Wraight all taking 2 games plus Christie and Wraight in the doubles. Max Duffin maintained his excellent form this season taking 3 wins against a strong St Chads lineup of Chris Blake, Jimmy Scope and Paul Baines. Peter Smallcombe beat Scope and Baines to earn the Kimblesworth Rockets a draw.

Cramlington’s Pearson was also found in Division 2 this week, taking 3 good wins against Mount B. The Casuals took an easy 9-1 victory, encountering only  a slight blip when Mount’s Rod Roberts won 3-0 against Adam Webster. Old England finally managed to field a full team this week to beat Sacriston Aces 6-4, Alan Atkinson with 3 wins.

Division 3 hosted four close games as Byker B, Cramlington Cobras, Backspin B and Brandon Anacondas all won by either 2 or 4 games. Jim Robertson made the difference for Byker this week when he won his hat-trick to help his team beat Matfen B but without him they lost to Brandon Anacondas. Mark Patterson did well to win 2 games in each match but David Craddock couldn’t find his form, winning only 1 game in both.

Brandon Crocodiles regained some form in Division 4 as they beat Matfen C 7-3 whilst the Bees continued their domination of the division when they beat Cramlington Magpies 9-1. Ouston TTC B lost against two Cramlington teams this week, Anna Sowerby getting a hat-trick for the Lions and Mike Dunn getting a hat-trick for the Corinthians.

Press Release 15 June 2016

North East Chinese Association’s Chun Yin Yu takes the headlines again after winning 3 close games against a strong St Chads team. His biggest test came against top youngster Josh Weatherby who has recently returned from a training trip to China. Josh, 12, is part of the Eurotalents programme and it’s fair to say that Chun did well to win 12-10 in the final end. Unfortunately for NECA, Chads were too good in the other games and ran out 7-3 winners. Mount TTC A had a tough game this week against league leaders Cramlington Casuals, losing 8-2. Andrew Wilkinson took a hat-trick but Mount can take shallow comfort with Wraight finding a return to form, beating both Iain Wood and the experienced Steven Penman.

Robert Renton played for both of Mount’s teams this week and although the Casuals proved too tough, he picked up a solid 3 wins in Division 2 against Ouston A. Rod Roberts took 2, Alan Livingstone 1 and the pair combined to take the doubles giving Mount B a 7-3 win.

In Division 3 a seasoned Byker team romped home to a 10-0 victory against Sacriston Comets. Despite only turning up with 2 players, the Comets were never really in the running, winning only 3 ends all night. Brandon Anacondas were similarly too good for Cramlington Trojans with only the Trojans’ Mike Jones picking up a win in a 9-1 loss, hat-tricks to both Lupton and Knopf from Brandon. Matfen B could only field two players against Backspin TTC B but still managed a 7-3 win.

Two Cramlington teams lost 3-7 this week in Division 4, Magpies against Whitley Chapel and Lions against Cramlington Corinthians. Another inter-club rivalry saw Brandon Bees obliterate the Crocodiles with a 10-0 victory, the Bees winning only a single end.

Josh Weatherby

Josh Weatherby


Press Release 8 June 2016

NECA’s Chun Yin Yu maintained his unbeaten record in the Summer League this week when he won 2 matches against Riding Mill. O’Connor and Cheek both won 1 match for the Mill but they turned up without a third player and subsequently lost 8-2 overall. Mount TTC A’s Lee Eadington took Player of the Match against Byker when he took a 5-end win against brother Dean and then 3-0 victories over both Kimberley and Craddock. Final score 8-2 to Mount with Christie picking up his hat-trick but Wraight losing 2.

In Division 2 a 10-0 victory for Old England over Ouston A may not be truly reflective of how the game played out as 4 matches went to 5 ends and 11 ends in total went to deuce. Mount TTC B beat Matfen A 7-3 with Roberts, Mouzon and Livingstone all picking up 2 wins plus the doubles.

Division 3 saw 2 comfortable wins for Brandon Anacondas and Cramlington Cobras with Jamie Lupton taking Player of the Match for the Anacondas against Sacriston Comets and Peter Wilkinson taking Player of the Match for the Cobras against Backspin TTC B.

Friday night offered a showdown between two Cramlington teams, the Corinthians and the Magpies. Sam Nair was Player of the Match for the Corinthians with his hat-trick and in particular showed real grit to come back from being down by a few points in 3 ends against Jamie Hall. Newcomer Philip Smith played some great table tennis for the Magpies to beat the experienced, tricky Pauline Long and youngster Anna Sowerby.

Cramlington Jaguars enjoyed a comfortable 10-0 win over Cramlington Knights in Division 5 and Brandon Energy beat Sacriston Eagles 8-2. Patrick Nicholson took Player of the Match there but Jack Pugh did well to win 2 for the Eagles

North East Chinese Association’s Chun Yin Yu serving for match point

Chun Yin Yu

Press Release 1 June 2016

This week’s Division 1 matches looked short of personnel as the league’s top veterans travelled to Alicante to compete in the World Veteran Championships. Notable successes include David “The Legend” Godbold getting to the last 32 of the 50-59 bracket amidst 1,000 entries whilst Geoff Salter and John Williamson both progressed to the last 32 of the 65-69s.

As such the Cramlington Stingers team looked a lot like Division 2’s Casuals when they faced Riding Mill. Mark O’Connor took Player of the Match by edging out a 5 set game against Gareth Pearson after a relatively comfortable win against Adam Webster. The Weatherby family turned out in force against Byker A when Keith and son Josh both won their 3, plus the doubles to win 7-3.

Backspin TTC A put up a strong fight in Division 2 against a seasoned Ouston A team with each of their players getting 1 win plus the doubles. Winter season Premier stalwart David Pringle was too strong however, taking 3 scalps and Player of the Match. Matfen A and Sacriston Aces fought a close match with Holliday, Swan, Mcallister and Fraser all winning 2. The Aces scraped the win in the end, Mawson taking 1 and Mcallister/Fraser winning the doubles.

In Division 3, Matfen B beat Sacriston Comets 7-3 and Byker B beat Cramlington Cobras by the same score whilst Cramlington Trojans breezed to a 10-0 victory over Backspin TTC B, dropping only 3 sets in the process.

Brandon and Byshottles had mixed fortunes in Division 4 with the Crocodiles only winning the doubles and losing 9-1 to Cramlington Corinthians whilst the Bees beat Whitley Chapel 7-3. In Division 5 they fared worse with their Energy team losing 10-0 to the experienced NESLC lineup and the Devils scraping a 5-5 draw against Cramlington Jaguars.

Dave Godbold competing at the World Veteran Championships 2016 in Alicante, Spain

David Godbold

Newcastle Ping 2016

A good way of giving people an introduction to the sport of table tennis is through the Ping Festival which will be launched in Newcastle on the 10th June between 11am-2pm. There will be 5 tables situated at both Grey Monument and Grainger Street and another 14 in other locations, such as parks, public squares, markets and shopping centres.

Anyone wishing to do so can have a try at ping pong. Bats and balls will be provided and there will be no charge for participants.

The event will be organised by Newcastle City Council who have enlisted Melissa Marshall as PING! Newcastle Activity Officer. She is looking to recruit a team of volunteers (must be aged 16+) to bring the programme to life and make Ping Pong irresistible to the Newcastle Public.

PingNewcastle volunteers will:

  • Play ping pong! (social players)
  • Encourage other people to play
  • Help set up and run events
  • Monitor tables
  • Chat to players to find stories and quotes
  • Capture some action on their camera phone
  • Check on tables
  • Talk about Ping!Newcastle and the social ping pong scene to anyone who’ll listen!


Anyone who can spare a few hours to look  after tables is requested to contact Melissa on 0191 278 3348 or who will be able to give more information. A Volunteer/Minders night is to be held on the evening of 6th June at Northumbria University.


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