Northumbria League

Northumberland County Table Tennis Association and is  is affiliated to Table Tennis England.

As well as taking responsibility for County affairs NTTA organises the Northumbria Table Tennis League which runs from September to March each season. In a match there are 9 singles and 1 doubles games completed. A team consists of 3 players for singles and 2 players for doubles. It is normal for 2 of the 3 singles players to also compete the doubles game in a match but a team can use 1 or 2 players additional to those competing in the singles, if they so wish.

The points system is based on one point for each individual game (singles or doubles) won. Thus the winning team can score between 6 to 10 points for a win. There is also a Summer League running from May to August each year. There is also a Team Handicap Knockout Cup in which teams competing in the League are able to apply to enter. League updates regularly appear in the Evening Chronicle (Wednesday edition), on this website and on TableTennis365.

For Winter League information.   NORTHUMBRIA-TABLE-TENNIS-LEAGUE-REGULATIONS-Updated-10 July 2018 Final   :  For Summer League information click here

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