There are lots of sites that are of interest to sports people and in particular table tennis people. Many can be found by inserting¬† words “table tennis” into your favourite search engine.

Some essential sites are those relating to Northumberland Table Tennis (NTT), Table Tennis England and the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

Are there any sites that you find particularly helpful for table tennis players? Why not share them with us? Contact us using the form on our Contact page.

This section will guide you to some useful websites.

Table Tennis England is the national table tennis body to which CTTC is affiliated. Included in this site are the links to sites of many leagues and clubs in England.

Northumberland Table Tennis is the body which covers League and County activities in Northumberland.

International Table Tennis Federation – ITTF is the umbrella body for all the various national associations. Included on the site are full copies of rules, regulations and the laws of table tennis

Awards for All – A4A is a lottery grants programme aimed at local communities.

Tees Sport – Tees Sport is the preferred supplier of TT equipment. It is a locally based company (Middlesbrough) and has been in business since 1976.