Tyneside A’s Mark Patterson did well in Division 2 this week as he took a hat-trick and the Player of the Match award against Backspin A. He beat stand-in John Cook with relative ease in three straight ends and had a hard five-ender with David Mcallister but arguably his best performance came as he beat Craig Fryer 3-1. Teammates Steven Dickinson and Bob Sanderson chipped in with a single win each, Dickinson losing out to Cook but earning a strong win against Mcallister as he edged to a 11-9 victory in the deciding end. The away team’s Fryer and Mcallister combined to win the doubles, giving them a hard-earned match draw.

Tyneside’s second team didn’t perform quite so well however as they faced a 9-1 defeat against Mount C which saw them slide into the second relegation slot. Mount posted a strong lineup with former Premier player Tony Gelder, recently-returned Dan Dodds and stalwart Alan Livingstone. Tyneside B’s Dan Kubacki raised his game for the occasion, pulling off an excellent win against Dodds and being unfortunate to lose out 11-9 in the fifth end against Gelder. The latter game in particular was a Premier-level encounter with counter-looping rallies, great retrieving and some superb touch shots. Unfortunately teammates John Carr and David Craddock both lost all of their matches, winning only a single end between them, eventually leading to a 9-1 defeat for the away team.

Cramlington Cobras hosted a weakened Sacriston Aces lineup of Jonathan Mawson, Ian Mcpherson and Daniel Hutchinson as they were without any of their first team players. Blair Carmichael had a tough evening as he failed to win any for the home team but Richard Williamson and Paul Jamieson both took hat-tricks to seal a 6-4 victory.

The final game of the week in Division 2 saw an almost total whitewash as the North East Chinese Association romped to a 10-0 victory over Ouston A. Team captain Ken Lee lost the only two ends of the evening as he beat Duncan Hindmarsh and Jeff Mckenna 3-1 but otherwise the away side simply could not compete. Keming Lee and Terry Kwong both won all of their matches without dropping an end, Jamie Milroy for the away team unable to win a single game.

As things stand, Ouston lie bottom of the table with a 13 gap to Tyneside C who find themselves in the second relegation slot. Cramlington Cobras are just above them, albeit with a game in hand, then NECA are 10 points further ahead. At the top of the table, Mount C are opening up a sizeable gap as they lie top with 73 points, 10 points and a game in hand over second-placed Sacriston Aces. Tyneside A also aren’t far off, just a single point separating them from the promotion spots.

Division 1 this week saw a mixed bag of two whitewashes and two very close victories. Cramlington Stingers’ Dale Aitkenhead, Marc Cotton and Steven Penman beat an Old England line-up of Jake Helm, Lynne Herrington and Alan Atkinson 10-0. Cotton versus Herrington went to five ends, as did Penman versus Atkinson, but neither match really looked in doubt. Aitkenhead won the Player of the Match award for losing the fewest ends.

On the same night, Cramlington Casuals helped themselves to a shock defeat as they beat St Chads 6-4. Paul Jamieson, playing up from Division 2, found himself first on against veteran long pimples defender Jimmy Scope. Jamieson went 2-0 up with relative ease before the exertions of a veteran’s tournament the weekend earlier saw Scope concede the match and retire from the rest of the evening. Chads’ Chris Blake won Player of the Match as he showed a class above his opponents but Rob Reed and James Bradbury both did well to beat David Bissett. Bissett had a close game with Jamieson, winning 13-11 in the deciding end, but it wasn’t enough as Reed and Bradbury combined to win the doubles 3-1 and give the Casuals the overall victory.

Despite having a large squad and only two teams, Prudhoe United Services A find themselves having difficulty fielding a team at the moment. Shirley Gelder and Maurice Cheek are unable to play any more games for the ‘A’ team as doing so will render them ineligible to play for the ‘B’ side in Division 3. John Williamson recently sustained a broken wrist in a match at Cramlington and Geoff Salter has only been able to play a single evening so far this season. Combined with some bad timing for Andy Benjamin who was moving house on the same day, Prudhoe were only able to field two players when they hosted Mount A this week. Mount were in a similar situation with Jamie Dent and Dan Dodds playing up from their ‘B’ team but Prudhoe, due to having only two players, were unable to capitalise. In the end, both Dent and Dodds played incredibly well and came home with two solid victories against the home side’s Mark O’Connor and Peter Stempczyk. Mount’s regular first teamer Duncan Wraight took Player of the Match as he beat both opponents without dropping an end, and combined well with Dan Dodds to win the doubles and complete the 10-0 rout.

Mount’s B team also did well the following day when they beat visitors Brandon Air 6-4. Brandon’s Jamie Lupton won Player of the Match when he won all three of his matches but Rodney Roberts and Jamie Dent did well to beat both Lee Tinkler and Troy Maddison. The home side’s David Cutler also beat Maddison but lost out to Tinkler. The real story in this match however was the doubles where Roberts and Cutler faced Lupton and Tinkler, eventually winning 18-16 in the deciding fifth end. Every single end was close and it was this match which sealed the victory for the home team, once again showing just how important the doubles can be in local league.

As things stand, Cramlington Stingers are running away with the Division 1 title. They find themselves 22 points ahead of second-placed St Chads though Chads do have a game in hand. Mount A are in third place but have played all 11 matches already. Below third place, there’s a real battle between fourth and seventh as only 19 points separate those positions. Mount B find themselves languishing in the first relegation spot, 2 points and a match ahead of Prudhoe United Services A. Old England are bottom on just 18 points and it looks like they won’t be able to remain promoted at this point unless something significantly changes in their favour over the next few fixtures.

The Mount team


Jamie Westwater retained his 100% average in Division 4 this week when Brandon Crusaders hosted Backspin B. Westwater won his 3 matches but it was teammate Jamie Collins who took Player of the Match as he also won 3 but lost fewer points overall. Alan Perry was their third player but he was unable to beat Adam Butler, John Cook or Alex Nicholl who all won only one match each. Butler and Nicholl did however combine to win a scintillating victory in the doubles, scraping by with the narrowest of margins 16-14 in the deciding fifth end.

It was a similar story for Redby as they travelled to Lanchester. The away team’s Istvan Franko and Istvan Soos both won hat-tricks, Soos taking Player of the Match, but Andrea Frankone wasn’t able to pick up any wins. This time however Redby also won the doubles leading to a 7-3 victory over Lanchester’s Reuben Emery, John Rayner and Neil Forster.

In the division’s last fixture of the week, Cramlington Jaguars’ line-up of Mick Sursham, Aubrey Drapkin and Daniel Mcmanus faced an Ouston B team consisting of Duncan Hindmarsh, Jamie Milroy and David Nichols. New player Daniel McManus did well to beat Milroy and Nichols but Ouston’s Duncan Hindmarsh was too strong, winning his three and taking Player of the Match. Sursham beat Nichols but Drapkin was unable to grab a win resulting in a 7-3 loss for the home team.

Division 5’s bottom team Brandon Energy had an uncomfortable encounter with the top team Cramlington Falcons when they lost 10-0 at home. Brandon’s Keith Mckenzie, Jack Huntley and Paul Dunn were unable to win any ends in the singles matches but did nearly win the doubles, eventually losing 11-5 in the fifth end. This keeps the Brandon side rock bottom of the division but with no fear of relegation the community hopes that these new players will persevere and continue to enjoy the game.

Cramlington’s rising star Oliver Ho played twice this week against the same team when he turned out for both Cramlington Knights and Cramlington Magpies against club rivals Cramlington Lions. In his first match for the Knights, he played well to comfortably beat both Rohan Rawat and Tony Roskilly in three straight ends. In his second encounter Rawat was much more competitive and won 3-1 with two very tight deuce ends but Ho also managed to beat Ojas Aggarwal. In both games Ho had phenomenal encounters with another youngster, Alan Roskilly. Both matches went to five full ends and unfortunately for Ho he lost by just 2 points in both. In the first match Ho lost the fourth and fifth end 12-10 and in the second match he lost the fifth 11-9. Both matches were excellent to watch with long attacking topspin rallies, lobs and drop-shots. Unfortunately for Oliver his teams weren’t able to support him as they lost both matches 8-2 overall.

In the other two Division 5 matches, Backspin C beat Brandon Fire 7-3 with the home team’s Debbie Irwin winning her hat-trick and Player of the Match, supported by 2 wins from Lyndsey Beacham and 1 from Martyn Parry. Brandon’s Bill Maclennan won 2 and Abbey Maddison won 1 but Paul Henderson was unable to grab a victory. Cramlington Knights hosted East Boldon B and the Knights’ John Hogg won three with teammates Patrick Easton and Joel Harris winning one each. This gave them a drew as Boldon’s Ethan Brown won 2 and both William Walton and Bruce Davison won one each plus the doubles.

In what can only be described as a concerted effort to ensure promotion, Prudhoe United Services B fielded an incredibly strong team in Division 3 this week as they hosted Sacriston Comets. Division 1 players Mark O’Connor, Andrew Firth and Maurice Cheek made life incredibly difficult for Sacriston’s Nigel Coe, Kevin Richardson and Colin Pritchard, eventually running out with a 10-0 win. Kevin Richardson was unlucky to lose out to Mark O’Connor, losing 11-9 in the deciding end, and Nigel Coe also managed to take Andrew Firth to five but otherwise the away side couldn’t muster much in the way of a defence.

Unfortunately, this win wasn’t enough to push them to the top of the division as Matfen Senators inflicted a heavy loss on Cramlington Corinthians. Matfen’s line-up of Alexander Holliday, David Swan and Stephen Oxley lost only one match against the Corinthians’ Phil Smith, Adrian Barnes and Pauline Long. A notable mention however goes to Smith as, despite only playing the game for a couple of years, he managed to beat the veteran Dave Swan at a canter in three straight ends. Pauline Long also managed to get close to Swan but couldn’t convert as she lost 11-4 in the final game.

Cramlington Trojans and Brandon Bravehearts had a much less one-sided encounter when they drew 5-5 at Cramlington. The home side were boosted by the return of Karen Henry who hasn’t been able to make many matches in recent seasons due to working away. Henry stepped up to win 2 matches against Jordan Dove and Ryan Morton but was unable to beat anti-spin player Stephen Pattinson who won his hat-trick and Player of the Match. Alan Hedley and Lyndsey Storey won one match each, Hedley beating Jordan Dove and Storey beating Ryan Morton in a close five-ender. The two Cramlington ladies combined to win the doubles in another tight match, beating Dove and Morton 11-7 in the fifth to confirm an overall match draw.

The final game in Division 3 was also tight as Matfen Tribunes hosted East Boldon A. Nigel Tree took Player of the Match in this one as he won his hat-trick and the Tribunes scraped a 6-4 win as Mark Perrin and David Crompton chipped in with a win each plus Tree and Perrin combined to win the doubles. Boldon’s Adam Allsopp and Ryan Campbell both won 1 each and the away side’s David Byers did well to win 2.

As things stand, Matfen Senators are top by 7 points and second place Prudhoe United Services B have a whopping 20-point margin over Brandon Bravehearts in third. East Boldon look to be struggling at the other end of the table with 0 wins and just 16 sets won but the real battle is between Sacriston Comets in sixth place and Cramlington Corinthians in seventh. 7 points separate the two teams and whoever wins the fewest sets in their remaining matches will invariably be relegated to Division 4.

Divison 1 this week didn’t see much action due to the postponement of Cramlington Stingers vs. St Chads and a 10-0 forfeit for Brandon Air against what should have been Cramlington Casuals. Old England hosted Prudhoe United Services A in a close-fought encounter which the away side eventually edged 6-4. Old England had Winter season Division 2 players Barry Matthews and Kenneth Clark playing but they both managed to win 1 match against Shirley Gelder and Peter Stempczyk respectively. Joe Muldowney won 2 for the home side as he also beat Stempczyk and Andy Benjamin but losing out to Shirley Gelder. The two Mount teams in this division also faced off against each other in an unusual encounter whereby each of the Mount A players won 2 each but all lost to a different player. David Pringle lost to Jamie Dent, Anthony Ainley lost to David Cutler and Duncan Wraight lost to John Russell. Ainley and Wraight combined to beat Cutler and Russell in the doubles leading to a 7-3 victory for the “away” team.

In Division 2, Backspin A played twice this week as they caught up on a postponed game. Firstly they travelled to Ouston A where they comfortably beat Ouston A. Tom Fowle and Jeff Mckenna were unable to pick up any wins for the home side but Mark Rodgers beat John Cook. Unfortunately this was the only win Ouston were able to scrounge which meant Backspin picked up a comfortable 9-1 victory which helps them to slightly edge away from the perils of relegation. In their second match of the week they travelled to Tyneside Badminton Centre to compete against Tyneside B. Backspin’s David Mcallister won his three and Player of the Match with relative ease but John Cook and Alex Nicholl, both playing up from Division 4, were only able to win 1 match between them as Cook beat Steve Pearce. David Craddock had a closely-contested battle with Cook as he made his way to a 3-1 victory with two deuce ends falling his way and also managed to beat the other stand-in Nicholl. Daniel Kubacki was Tyneside’s other player who also beat both Cook and Nicholl giving the home side a narrow 6-4 victory against their relegation rivals.

Ouston A also played two matches this week and their second appearance was only slightly more lucrative than the first as they lost 8-2 to Mount C. Tony Gelder and Alex Smith, previous Winter season Premier Division players, were too strong for their opponents and both won three matches. Mount’s other player, Mick Hope, chipped in with a win over Peter Scott but couldn’t overcome Jeff Mckenna or Tom Fowle.

Paul Jamieson gets another mention this week as he won three matches and Player of the Match award in his second consecutive match. Jamieson has now played 6 individual games and not dropped an end, helping Cramlington Cobras to successive victories. This week they faced Tyneside A and his three wins were backed up by 2 wins from Paul Fairlamb and 1 from Peter Wilkinson. Tyneside’s Steve Dickinson won 2 matches and Mark Patterson won 1 but Bob Sanderson wasn’t able to assist with any wins leading to a 6-4 defeat. The last match of the week in Division 2 saw NECA beat Sacriston Aces 6-4 as Keming Li won a hat-trick, Kit Robinson won 2 and husband Steve chipped in with another. Sacriston’s Dean Eadington beat Steve Robinson and Duncan Fraser beat both Steve and Kit. Peter Whitfield was unable to pick up any wins for the away side.

Brandon Crusaders continued their dominant form in Division 4 this week as they beat Ouston B 9-1. The Crusaders line-up of Jamie Westwater, Jamie Collins and Brian Childs are currently top of the Individual Averages in the league with 12, 12 and 11 wins respectively. Ouston visited Brandon with Duncan Hindmarsh, Jamie Milroy and Shirley Robson and, unfortunately, were no match for the experienced home team. Hindmarsh did well to beat Jamie Collins but Milroy and Robson couldn’t pick up any wins.

Lanchester and Cramlington Jaguars had a closer game as a hat-trick and Player of the Match performance from Alan Kent helped the home side to a 6-4 victory. John Rayner picked up 2 wins and Nigel Cardale picked up another, Mick Sursham and John Murrells winning the only games for the Jaguars. This was an important win for Lanchester as they find themselves bottom of the table, albeit with 2 matches in hand.

Brandon’s other team in Division 4, the Devils, continue to find themselves unable to win any matches as they were on the receiving end of a 7-3 loss against Redby. Istvan Franko and Malcolm Deneven both won their hat-tricks plus the doubles. Brandon recouped some points as their line-up of John Spencer, Ian Cumpson and Caroline Lee were all able to pick up wins against Redby’s Angela Wilkinson but on the night it wasn’t enough for them to acquire any points to aid their struggle for survival.

Things aren’t looking great for Brandon’s Division 5 team either. The group of youngsters playing under the banner of Brandon Energy are brand new to competitive table tennis and have barely won a game all season, registering only 2 sets won. This week was unfortunately no different as they faced Cramlington’s brightest youngster Matthew Mastaglio and his teammates Patrick Easton and John Hogg. The Brandon line-up of Jack Huntley, Stevaan Hall and Jacob Hall were unable to win any games leading to a 10-0 defeat, keeping them bottom of the table.

East Boldon were also on the receiving end of a heavy defeat this week as they travelled to Oxhill to play against Backspin C. Backspin’s Debbie Irwin won her hat-trick plus Player of the Match, supported by another hat-trick from Lyndsey Beacham and 2 wins from Bob Cook. Bruce Davison won a consolation game for the away team but James Collar and William Walton were unable to pick up any wins ending up in a 9-1 win for the home team.

It’s Cramlington Falcons who are top of Division 5 and their bid for promotion received a welcome boost as they beat club rivals Cramlington Magpies 10-0. Israel Shodeinde, Alfie Davies and Jack Cairns are all top of the averages in the division and Shodeinde just pipped Davies to the post in this match as he lost the fewest points and therefore won the Player of the Match award. New players Jessica Yang and Oliver Ho, supported by Paul Athey, did well to win some sets but none of the games ever really looked in doubt.


Tyneside A are currently top of Division 2 with a game in hand. This week they hosted Ouston A, a game which helped them to temporarily claim this position as they won 8-2. Steve Dickinson took Player of the Match as he won his hat-trick alongside Mark Kimberley who did the same, Mark Patterson chipping in with a single win. Tom Fowle and Jeff Mckenna both beat Patterson but third player Mark Rodgers was unable to pick up any games. Mount’s C team fielded a strong line-up when they faced Sacriston Aces. Former top Premier player Tony Gelder turned out for the Mount, returning from a significant period away from the game. He won 2 matches, as did Mohinder Rawat and Dave Bannon helped out with 1. The Aces’ Duncan Fraser was too good on the night though as he beat Rawat in 5 ends, Bannon in 4 and, surprisingly, Gelder in 3 straight, earning him the Player of the Match award. Jonathan Mawson was able to beat David Bannon but teammate Kevin Richardson won none.

Paul Jamieson was the star of the show when Cramlington Cobras took on Backspin A. He beat John Cook, Liam Ord and Craig Fryer, never dropping an end. The fact that Fryer won his other two matches comfortably showed the level of class displayed by Jamieson on the night. Jonathan Rippington and Mike Jones both beat Cook and Ord, giving an 8-2 victory overall. In the final game of Division 2 this week, NECA faced break-away rivals Tyneside B. The home side lined up with former Premier players Steve Robinson and Terry Kwong plus Haoran Wang. All three players won two matches and Robinson and Wang combined to take the doubles, giving an overall victory of 7-3. Daniel Kubacki, new to the region and training at Cramlington, did well for the away team when he beat both Robinson and Kwong but was unable to make it a hat-trick as he lost out to Wang in the deciding end. Steve Pearce chipped in with another win but David Craddock continued his difficult season with a duck.

In Division 3, Matfen Senators encountered no difficulties when they played host to East Boldon A. Alex Holliday, David Swan and Stephen Oxley won 10-0 over Boldon’s Adam Allsopp, Ryan Campbell and Jeffrey Hope. Matfen’s other team, the Tribunes, found themselves on the receiving end of a similarly-difficult evening as they visited Prudhoe United Services B. Prudhoe’s usual A team turned out for the B team, Mark O’Connor, Maurice Cheek and Shirley Gelder having all played just two weeks earlier in Division 1 against Mount A. John Henderson, Nigel Tree and Robert Neil Forsyth found themselves a bit out of their depth and only managed to win 4 ends in the singles matches.

Sacriston Comets and Brandon Bravehearts battled for the only draw of the week in either division when Dan Hutchinson, Ian Mcpherson and Nigel Coe faced Stephen Pattinson, Ryan Morton and Jordan Dove. Anti-spin player Pattinson proved that his unique brand of chess-like table tennis to be effective as he won his three and took Player of the Match. Hutchinson and Mcpherson won two matches each and combined to win the doubles, Nigel Coe unable to win any for the home side. Brandon’s Ryan Morton and Jordan Dove both won 1 each to support Pattinson’s hat-trick. The final match of the week in Division 3 was again fairly one-sided as two Cramlington teams, the Corinthians and the Trojans, faced off against each other. The Trojans, league favourites, fielded Alastair Johnson, Blair Carmichael and Lynsey Storey. Johnson lost the fewest ends and therefore took Player of the Match but Carmichael also won his three. Storey lost out to Richard Williamson but neither Adrian Barnes nor Pauline Long were able to win any matches leading to a 9-1 defeat for the home team.

Paul Jamieson

In Division 1 this week, three of the four matches were decidedly one-sided. Mount B travelled to Brandon to face Brandon Air and only Jamie Dent was able to win a match for the away team. Lee Tinkler and Jamie Lupton both won their three, Troy Maddison winning two. Rod Roberts came close to beating Tinkler but couldn’t get started in the deciding end. Dave Cutler was only able to win one end all evening against the newest team in the division.

League-leaders Cramlington Stingers travelled to Old England as a line-up of Marc Cotton, Dale Aitkenhead and Steven Penman faced a home side of Lynne Herrington, Joe Muldowney and Alan Atkinson. Unfortunately the Stingers were simply too good on the evening and despite some close games, including two five-end tight victories for Penman, Old England found themselves on the receiving ends of a 10-0 whitewash. Mount A had a better week than the club’s B team when they hosted Prudhoe United Services A.

Mount’s Duncan Wraight, David Pringle and Phil Prady won 9-1 over Mark O’Connor, Maurice Cheek and Shirley Gelder. Wraight and Prady both won their three plus the doubles and David Pringle, returning for his first competitive match in over 2 months away from the game due to injury, assisted with another two wins. O’Connor beat Pringle to preserve a sliver of dignity for the visitors.

The closest game of the week was a 6-4 victory for St Chads against Cramlington Casuals. The home team’s line-up consisted of Keith Weatherby, Jimmy Scope and Charlotte Weatherby whilst the away team fielded Gareth Pearson, Adam Webster and James Bradbury. Webster managed to win two matches for the away side but hit a brick wall when he came up against Jimmy Scope who beat him comfortably in three straight ends with the youngster unable to get close to his opponent. Scope took Player of the Match with his hat-trick of wins which helped to seal the victory for the home team.

As things stand, both Cramlington Stingers and St Chads have won all of their matches and find themselves first and second respectively. The Stingers have only lost 4 sets to Chads’ 8 however and their win this week keeps them top of the table.

In Division 4, only Brandon Crusaders have won both of their matches so far. This week they travelled to Oxhill Youth Club to play against Backspin B which the Crusaders won 6-4. Jamie Westwater, Winter season Division 2 stalwart, won his three supported by Jamie Collins with 2.

Ouston B’s players all won two matches each plus the doubles when they faced Cramlington Jaguars but John Murrells proved too good as he won his hat-trick and Player of the Match. Unfortunately this wasn’t enough for the visitors as Ouston won 7-3.

Redby made a good comeback this week after losing last week to the league leaders Brandon Crusaders when they beat Lanchester 7-3. Malcolm Deneven and Frank Booth both won their hat-tricks but Alan Kent, Martin Johnson and Jeff Singleton were all able to beat the home side’s Angela Wilkinson which meant they took 3 points in a 7-3 defeat.

Brandon and Backspin teams also faced each other in Division 5 this week as Brandon Fire hosted Backspin C in a closely-contested 6-4 defeat for the home team. Brandon’s Bill Maclennan won his three matches and Player of the Match but teammates Abbey Maddison and Paul Henderson could only chip in one between them in support. Backspin’s Lyndsey Beacham and Bob Cook both took two wins and Martyn Parry helped out with another plus the doubles to seal the victory.

Ethan Brown was the star player when East Boldon B faced Cramlington Knights as he beat Patrick Easton, Matthew Mastaglio and John Hogg. Mastaglio and Hogg both won 2 matches when they beat the home team’s Duri An and Sophie Richardson, plus the doubles which helped them to a 5-5 draw.

Two Cramlington teams also battled it out this week when the Magpies faced the Lions. Alan and Tony Roskilly both won their hat-tricks and Rohan Rawat chipped in with another as the Lions won 8-2 over the Magpies line-up of Taylor Rippington, Oliver Ho and Jessica Yang.

The final match of the week was a whitewash for divisional favourites Cramlington Falcons when they beat Brandon Energy 10-0. The talented youngsters Alfie Davies, Israel Shodeinde and Jack Cairns won all of their matches against Brandon’s team of Jack Huntley, Jacob Hall and Stevaan Hall.

In the first week of Summer league, matches in Division 2 got off to an entertaining start with a variety results.

Tyneside A had a close battle against Mount C, drawing 5-5. Mount’s Mohinder Rawat won his three and Player of the Match, supported by Alex Smith who took two wins. Tyneside’s Steven Dickinson and Mark Patterson won one game each and Mark Kimberley won 2.

Ouston A hosted Tyneside’s B team and Neil Wilkinson continued his form from the Winter league, winning his hat-trick as usual. Tom Fowle supported him with 2 wins but Jeff McKenna was unable to win any.

Tyneside’s John Carr won 2 but Rob Lawson and David Craddock could only chip in with 1 each leading to a 6-4 loss for the away side.

Duncan Fraser led his team to victory against Backspin as he won a hat-trick for Sacriston Aces against Backspin A. This match featured a brother against brother highlight as Ian Mcallister took on old brother David. Ian won this fairly comfortably 3-0 but lost to Craig Fryer. Jon Mawson beat Adam Butler and the Aces won 7-3 overall.

The final match played in the division saw Neca beat Cramlington Cobras convincingly. One of the Winter Premier division’s best players, Chun Yin Yu, comfortably won his hat-trick and Player of the Match, supported by Robin Francis who also won three. Terry Kwong was unfortunately only able to win one game as he lost to both Paul Fairlamb and Jonathan Rippington. Neca won the match 8-2, temporarily putting them top of the division.

Division 3 was a different story entirely as all of its opening fixtures were one-sided on paper. Cramlington Corinthians were only able to field two players on their visit to Matfen to play against the Matfen Senators. Unfortunately neither Adrian Barnes nor Phil Smith were able to pick up any wins as the Senators line-up of Alex Holliday, David Swan and Stephen Oxley eased to a 10-0 victory.

Brandon Bravehearts inflicted a similarly large defeat on away team Cramlington Trojans when they won 9-1. Jordan Dove took Player of the Match as he and Stephen Pattinson won their three, but Lyndsey Storey was able to steal a win for Cramlington when she beat Ryan Morton.

Prudhoe United Services B had a fairly one-sided match when they visited Sacriston Comets, Mark O’Connor and Shirley Gelder both winning their three matches. Nigel Coe played well to beat Maurice Cheek and avoid a whitewash, Prudhoe winning 9-1 overall.

New team East Boldon A may find the division quite challenging as they lost 8-2 to Matfen Tribunes. Ryan Campbell won one for the home side when he beat Mark Perrin but the Tribunes’ John Henderson and Nigel Tree both won all of their games.